Funds Distribution

Variety is the spice of the funds industry. Included are retail, institutional and alternative investments. These cover muliple regions and different regulations between countries. Participation can also involve primary and secondary arrangements with transfer agents, domestic and international Central Securites Depositories (CSDs) and custodians.

Multiple solutions and standards add another layer of complexity. No one size fits all. Institutions have to to support various hubs for order routing, custody providers, open standards, mapping services, centralised industry solutions and messaging networks. ISO standards can be complex to apply with muliple market practices globally, and other standards exist. Supporting all of these methods of communication without the right supplier can be challenging and costly.

Investing in technology is vital for success. The technical revolution has already happened. Digital is transforming the way we work and paper forms are obsolete. It is not just retail embracing the Internet, large institutions depend upon it too. Additionally, systems have to evolve ahead of regulations to meet new demands for security and reliability.

Actuare for streamlining funds distribution

Actuare's FundTerm product addresses the straight through processing (STP) needs of distributors and transfer agents (TAs). In partnership with TA and platform system providers, our solution covers much of the market. We save firms considerable time and effort, not only in going to market, but also with the systems maintenance involved.


  • Immediate access to a range of industry hubs, networks and standards
  • Control of your methods of communication, order flow and relationships
  • Less work with Actuare experts keeping your messaging up-to-date and safe
  • Low impact on systems with a clear line between messsaging services and your internal systems
  • Proven to be secure, reliable and scalable over the last 15 years for both TAs and distributors


  • Multiple industry channels such as Calastone, Euroclear EMX and SWIFT
  • Various market practices as required including AFAC, ALMUS/FINDEL, UKETRG, UKFMPG, ViaNova and more
  • Full life cycle covering orders, conversions, transfers, distributions and statements
  • Whole market with retail, institutional and alternatives customers
  • Extendable to cover your special requirements