Ancillary Products and Services

Integration options

Actuare offers a wide range of application interfaces to suit customer needs. These include various methods of integration as well as a number of data formats. We additionally provide end-to-end integration tailored to customer requirements.


Actuare has been providing specialist consultancy services since our inception. We understand banking and finance, and we have worked across a broad range of front and back offices and financial products. These include various OTC and listed derivatives, equities, fixed income, FX/MM, mutual funds, dealing, settlements, payments and accounting.

Our expertise lies in financial messaging, message standards, data modelling and integration. We provide this expertise and our project resources usually in conjunction with our software products and other services. Activities may include development, business and systems analysis, architecture and project management. We also help organisations with best practices for our software, and can assist with, for example, controls and procedures, capacity and disaster recovery planning.

Web hosting

Whilst many customers prefer to run Actuare's software products in house, some are opting for the ease and readiness of Actuare providing a managed service. Our products have been enhanced to offer the best in web technology so it is really a matter of customer preference. The managed service provides all the benefits of the cloud: outsourced service management, speed to market with potentially less upfront investment, and secure remote access. Alternatively, keeping the software in house can assist with retaining control, application integration and systems architecture.

Support and maintenance

Use of our software products and services is mission critical for our customers. We therefore provide an expert 24x7 support service, and ensure a rapid response to requests with the aim of quickly resolving any issues in an appropriate way.

Our products and services are updated and evolve to provide excellent functionality and capabilities. We work with our customers to ensure that it is as straightforward as possible to perform regression testing and migration.