Trade Finance

Actuare makes it straightforward for trade finance companies to offer competitive prices on Letters of Credit (L/Cs) and Guarantees. Additionally, we assist importers and exporters to communicate efficiently with their banks using the SWIFT MT798 standards. These activities help companies to manage risk and meet the legal requirements which are specific to some countries.

Message Station and our Interconnect Service provide an effective solution to securely communicate with correspondents. The system is easy to get started with and use, and offers flexibility for each kind of participant.

We have been helping trade finance customers since early 2013 to interoperate with banks over SWIFT. As a member of SWIFT, Actuare provides connectivity and integration, which allows for secure end-to-end communication without Actuare being involved in the financial transaction. We can also lend customers assistance for their setup, and we offer different interconnect agreement levels depending upon the requirements of clients and correspondents.