FundTerm enables distributors and transfer agents to connect to one another efficiently and in a standard way.

The FundTerm system provides interoperability and adherence to the latest market standards for participants across a number of channels. The system is useful as a black-box, in order to extend an order management system (OMS), wealth platform or transfer agency (TA) system. Alternatively, FundTerm can be used as a primary OMS or for transaction input and handling exception scenarios.

FundTerm allows upstream systems to be loosely coupled to the specifics of funds messaging. This reduces dependency and allows changes to be made on one side without affecting the other. Thereby, FundTerm enables companies to quickly implement required messaging functionality, efficiently on-board counterparties and reduce maintenance costs.


FundTerm includes an Execution Management System (EMS) for distributors to pass orders, and for transfer agents to provide bookings and confirmations. Additionally, transfer agents can reject and cancel orders.

Transfers, conversions, statements, ...

FundTerm additionally supports instructing and confirming re-registrations and conversions. These may be used in conjunction with Actuare's Account Transfers product, which provides further transfers functionality at the portfolio or wrapper level.

For statements, we support EMX valuations as part of our EMX Interface, and we are helping to standardise ISO holdings and transactions statements as part of our participation in the UKFMPG.

Unparalleled reach

FundTerm caters for a number of communication channels, each with differing messaging standards and connectivity. This is to suit the needs of our customers, and channels include but are not limited to the following:

  • Euroclear EMX
  • ISO
  • ViaNova

Please consult our Interconnect, EMX Interface and SWIFT interface options pages for additional information on some of the options which we offer.