Interface Options for SWIFT

Actuare offers a number of methods to connect to SWIFT for various kinds of message and file transfer.

Choose how you want to connect

a) Interconnect

Use Actuare's Interconnect Service to connect to SWIFT seamlessly.

Our Interconnect Service provides a secure and reliable way to exchange messages with SWIFT enabled participants. The service frees you from having to set up and maintain your own SWIFT facilities, and you benefit from Actuare's expertise in this field.

b) Other methods 'out of the box'

Alternatively, Actuare's products support a number of SWIFT certified interface systems as well as connectivity via a service bureau or using SWIFT enabled middleware.

Example interface solutions are:

  • Alliance Access from SWIFT
  • Alliance Lite2 from SWIFT

Actuare's team has many years of experience assisting users to connect to SWIFT. We can help you to decide the best method for yourselves and, then, interface with your chosen method.

Kinds of message and file transfer

The following kinds of message and file transfer are supported:

  • ISO 20022 and other SWIFT XML (MX) messaging via SWIFTNet InterAct
  • File transfer via SWIFTNet FileAct
  • ISO 15022 and other SWIFT FIN (MT) messaging via SWIFTNet FIN